Apartments moving


Don’t worry about moving. It will be smooth and quick job with proffesional service..

Your furnishing is safe

  • our people are above-average experienced
  • all of our vans are cushioned and dustproof inside
  • moved things as well as room around are insured up to 5 000 000 czech crowns

Free for you

  • free moving boxes
  • free delivery of the boxes to you in advance of moving
  • free visit and the price calculation by our technician

Tip for you

  • make a list of moved items for easier price calculation

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    Move with 100% security

    All overloaded and manipulated cargo is insured with Česká pojišťovna a.s. up to CZK 5,000,000. The facilities and premises where moves is happen are also insured.
    The cargo is insured during transportation, loading, transport, unloading and deployment. A insurance can be arranged exactly to suit your needs, with higher coverage etc.

    Extra-special offer

    while moving in Brno at 30 Km radius

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