Small moving


A few pieces of small furniture or personal items moving.

Does it fit me?

If you need move single pieces of equipment like refrigerator or washing machine, or furniture like desk, wardrobe, or you need transport furniture from the store, it will fit you.


  • it isn’t necessary to plan your moving in advance
  • the service is available immediately on-call
  • all of our vans are cushioned and dustproof inside

Price calculation

You needn’t to fill our enquiry form, just use our contact form, or call +420 604 889 899.

Move with 100% security

All overloaded and manipulated cargo is insured with Česká pojišťovna a.s. up to CZK 5,000,000. The facilities and premises where moves is happen are also insured.
The cargo is insured during transportation, loading, transport, unloading and deployment. A insurance can be arranged exactly to suit your needs, with higher coverage etc.

Extra-special offer

while moving in Brno at 30 Km radius

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